State Budget
 Public Budgeting Formulation Module (PBF)
 → Links and information about the PBF Module.

 Agency Activity Inventory
 Agency Activity Inventory Database.

 Appropriation Bills and Acts
 Information about the appropriation process.

 Agency Budget Plans
 → Budget Planning Documents - Formats and guidelines for submitting
    your agency's budget plan for the fiscal year.
 → Current Budget Plans
 → Executive Budget Request Summary
 → Detail Base Budgets
 → Federal and Other Funds Retained and Expended by State Agencies
 → Agency Other Funds Survey by Revenue Object Codes & Subfunds

 Agency Accountability Reports 
 Information about preparing an Annual Accountability Report.

 Historical Analyses
 Historical information about the state's spending and revenue.
 Look here for information on the Education Lottery and the Three Year
 General Fund Financial Outlook

 Fiscal Impact Statements
 Fiscal impact statements on pending legislation.

 State Clearinghouse (Single Point of Contact)
 Intergovernmental review of federal programs.

 Capital Budgeting Unit
 Manages the state's permanent improvement projects program.

 Forms and Instructions
 Forms and instructions that pertain to the Office of State Budget.